Freshness and Shelf Life of Foods edited by Keith R. Cadawallader and Hugo Weenen

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Freshness and Shelf Life of Foods
edited by
Keith R. Cadawallader
and Hugo Weenen

Freshness and Shelf Life of Foods is both an up-to-date and comprehensive treatment of the subject, and it includes a number of breakthroughs in our understanding of freshness and shelf-life of foods.

This volume focuses on:

  • Shelf-life of foods
  • Flavor aspects of freshness
  • Rheological methods to determine freshness
  • Processing of citrus in relation to retaining its fresh character
  • Lipid oxidation in muscle foods
  • Food polymer science approach to studies on freshness and shelf-life
  • Plus much more!

Freshness and Shelf-Life of Foods focuses on the science and technology of preserving food freshness. This book discusses flavor, texture, and characterization methods to improve the freshness or shelf-life of a product.


Introduction and General Issues


  1. The Shelf Life of Foods: An Overview
  2. The Concept of Food Freshness: Uncovering Its Meaning and Importance to Consumers
  3. Flavor Issues in Maintaining Freshness
  4. Biochemical Changes Associated with Fresh-Cut Fruit Processing and Storage

Flavor Aspects


  1. Changes in Key Aroma Compounds during Natural Beer Aging
  2. SPME�GC/MS Testing for Monitoring Off-Flavors in Processed Milk: Application of Odor Wheel Plots
  3. Relating Analytical and Sensory Data To Predict Flavor Quality in Dairy Products
  4. Aroma Characterization of Fresh and Stored Nonfat Dry Milk
  5. Biochemical Manipulation of Flavor in Tomato Fruit
  6. Effect of Pre- and Post-Harvest Treatments on Fresh Tomato Quality
  7. Aroma of Fresh Field Tomatoes
  8. Characterization of Aroma Compounds in Fresh and Processed Mandarin Oranges
  9. Relating Sensory and Instrumental Data To Conduct an Accelerated Shelf-Life Testing of Whey-Protein-Coated Peanuts
  10. Lipid Oxidation in Muscle foods
  11. Oxidative Stability of Edible Oils as Affected by Their Fatty Acid Composition and Minor Constituents



  1. Food Polymer Science Approach to Studies on Freshness and Shelf Life of Foods
  2. Rehydration of Crispy Cereal Products: A Tentative Explanation of Texture Changes
  3. Staling of Bread: how to Counteract the Textural Changes and Improve the Flavor Aspects of Bread during Storage
  4. Rheological Methods for Assessment of Food Freshness and Stabililty

Methods To Improve Freshness and Shelf Life


  1. Argon Packaging and Processing Preserves and Enhances Flavor, Freshness, and Shelf Life of Foods
  2. Processing Technologies To Enhance Fresh Flavor


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