Fragrance Chemistry : The Science of the Sense of Smell by Ernst T. Theimer

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Fragrance Chemistry : The Science of the Sense of Smell

Ernst T. Theimer 


  • Hardcover: 635 pages
  • Publisher: Academic Press (July 12, 1982)

This book has been prepared as an introduction to the chemistry of odorous molecules. While there exist a number of works of an encyclopedic nature which cover this field, there is none which treats the subject in an instructional fashion. To fill this gap, a group of scientists, types from the chemical point of view, to present to the reader the panorama of those molecules that stimulate the sense of smell. To make the picture complete, the chapters that are strictly chemical in content are preceded by several that introduce the topics of the physiology of the olfactory system, the current hypotheses on the mechanism of the sense of smell, and the structure-odor relationships in odorous molecules. There is also a treatment of analytical techniques which have become important to fragrance chemical research and testing.




1. Physiology of Vertebrate Olfactory Chemoreception
2. Odor Theory and Odor Classification
3.Odor and Stimulant Structure
4. Acyclic Monoterpene Alcohols with a 2,6-Dimethyloctane Skeleton5. Advances in the Chemistry of some Interesting Cyclic Monoterpene Alcohols
6. Sesquiterpene Alcohol
7.Benzene Derived Cyclic Carbinols
8. Violet Fragrance Compounds
9. Synthesis of Vetiver Oil Components
10. The Fragrance of Jasmine
11. Chemistry of Sandalwood Fragrance
12. The Chemistry and Fragrance of Natural Musk Compounds
13. Chemistry of Synthetic Musks  - I. Nonbenzenoid Musks
14. Chemistry of Synthetic Musks -  II. Benzenoid Musks
15. The Fragrance of Ambergris
16. Analysis of Fragrance Materials




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