Food Flavors and Chemistry : Advances of the New Millennium by Spanier

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Food may be nutritious, visually appealing and easy to prepare but if it does not possessdesirable flavors, it will not be consumed. "Food Flavors and Chemistry: Advances of the New Millennium" primarily focuses on food flavors and their use in foods. Coveragealso includes other important topics in food chemistry and production such as analytical methods, packaging, storage, safety and patents. Positive flavor notes are described,including ways of enhancing them in food. Conversely, methods for eliminating andreducing undesirable flavors are also proposed. Packaging aspects of foods, with respect to controlling sensory attributes, appearance and microbiological safety are discussedin detail. There is also a section concentrating on the most recent developments in dairy flavor chemistry. This book will be an important read for all postgraduate students, academics and industrial researchers wanting to keep abreast of food flavors and their chemistry.




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