Food Engineering Aspects of Baking Sweet Goods By Servet Gulum Sumnu, Serpil Sahin

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March 24, 2008 by CRC Press
Reference - 304 Pages



  • Explains baking from an engineering/science perspective
  • Encompasses topics, such as heat and mass transfer, not often covered in other baking books
  • Summarizes data on the physical and thermal properties of baked products
  • Discusses alternative technologies, such as jet impingement and microwave and hybrid ovens, for baking soft wheat products
  • Explores the trend of consuming low-calorie products by presenting strategies for substituting fats and sugars in baked products


    Most baking books do not focus on the simultaneous heat and mass transfer that occurs in the baking process, thereby ignoring a fundamental facet of process and product development. Addressing the engineering and science elements often ignored in current baking books, Food Engineering Aspects of Baking Sweet Goods explores important topics in understanding the baking process and reviews recent technological advances.

    With contributions from various international authorities on food science, engineering, and technology, the book covers the rheology of cake batter and cookie dough, cake emulsions, the physical and thermal properties of sweet goods, and heat and mass transfer during baking. It also presents the science of soft wheat products, including the quality of soft wheat, the functions of ingredients in the baking of sweet goods, and the chemical reactions during processing. In addition, the contributors discuss cake and cookie technologies as well as recent advances in baking soft wheat products. The final chapter examines the nutritional issues of consuming fats and sugars and presents general strategies for substituting fats and sugars in baked products.

    Taking an engineering approach to the field, this volume delineates the complex food process of baking, from ingredients to production to finished product


    Table of Contents


    Soft Wheat Quality

    E. J. Tanhehco and P. K.W. Ng

    Functions of Ingredients in the Baking of Sweet Goods

    D. Indrani and G. V. Rao

    Chemical Reactions in the Processing of Soft Wheat Products

    H. K. and V. Gökmen

    Cake Emulsions

    S. S. Sahi

    Cake Batter Rheology

    S. Sahin

    Cookie Dough Rheology

    M. E. Yener

    Technology of Cake Production

    S. Tireki

    Technology of Cookie Production

    S. Tireki

    Heat and Mass Transfer during Baking of Sweet Goods

    W. Zhou and N. Therdthai
    S. S. Sablani

    Alternative Baking Technologies

    D. Kocer, M. V. Karwe, and S. G. Sumnu

    Low-Sugar and Low-Fat Sweet Goods

    M.l Gómez



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