Food Biotechnology: Microorganisms By Y. H. Hui (Editor), George G. Khachatourians (Editor)

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Food Biotechnology: Microorganisms

Y. H. Hui (Editor), George G. Khachatourians (Editor)
952 pages
November 1994, Reprinted in India  2014.
This handbook discusses how microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, yeasts) can be modified to various extents by means of molecular genetics or genetic engineering. Compiled and written by the world's leading experts and practioners in food science and food technology, it presents the latest research and development in the discipline. It is easy-to-understand and can be used directly by readers interested in practical and commercial applications. So this book is important for researchers as a reference guide, and it can be used in various disciplines as microbiology, chemistry, biochemistry and engineering. 'Food Biotechnology' also is interesting for the industries, in addition to food processing, because commercial products and services affected include fine chemicals, enzymes, cultures, equipment and supplies.
From the Contents:
General Microbial Genetics and Food Biotechnology/
Microbial Growth and Physiology/
Cloning, RFLP and Karyotyping Technology/
Eukaryotic Cells and Expression Vectors/
Protein Engineering /
Microorganisms for Organic Acid Production/
Allpication of Genetic Methods to Generation of Volatile Flavors/
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Industrial Applications/
Bacillus Species/
Microorganisms for Amino Acid Production/
Microorganisms for Celluose Production/
Genetics and Biochemistry of Xanthan Gum Production/
Molecular Genetics of Penicillium sp. for Food Related Enzymes/
Rhizopus niveus/
Lipases of the Genera Rhizopus and Rhizomucor/
Trends in Microbial Production of Pullulan and its Novel Applications in Food Industry/
Biotechnology of Dairy Leuconostoc/
Propionibacteria/Brewer's Yeast/
Yeasts in Distilling/
Saccharomyces (Wine)

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