Drug Delivery to the Oral Cavity Edited by Tapash K. Gosh and William Pfister

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Drug Delivery to the Oral Cavity
Edited by Tapash K. Gosh
and William Pfister

2005 � 448 pages 

Drug Delivery to the Oral Cavity emphasizes the impact of intraoral drug delivery and its advantages over conventional oral dosage forms.


  • Covers the latest research concerning drug delivery to the oral cavity, and examines the basic structure, function, biochemistry, and permeability of the oral cavity
  • Analyzes the unique features and optimization of various intraoral drug delivery systems
  • Studies quick, slow, and nondissolving intraoral dosage forms
  • Explores practical and applied aspects of pharmaceutical development for new solid-stage dosage forms for intraoral drug delivery
  • Highlights dozens of oral mucosal delivery systems targeted at the personal care market including quick dissolving films and dentifrice products containing antibacterial agents, fluoride, and flavoring agents
  • Provides a comprehensive appendix of various companies developing intraoral dosage forms and novel delivery system technologies
  • Offers a detailed overview of the wide array of currently available intraoral drug products for the treatment of systemic diseases, as well as products for local treatment of halitosis, bacterial infections, periodontal disease, and other conditions of the mouth
  • Provides an in-depth discussion of recently commercialized drug products for angina pectoris, moderate to severe pain, and smoking addiction
Drub Delivery to the Oral Cavity presents the state-of-the-art in the testing, formulation, and clinical evaluation of intraoral drug delivery products-summarizing intraoral dosage forms in various stages of research, as well as products currently on the market.



  • Oral Mucosal Delivery Systems: An Overview, Current Status and Future Trends
  • Preformulation Aspects of Oral Mucosal Drug Delivery Systems
  • Preclinical Assessment of Oral Mucosal Drug Delivery Systems
  • Clinical Development, Manufacturing, and Testing of Oral Mucosal Delivery Systems
  • Rapid Dissolving Immediate Release Oral Transmucosal Delivery System
  • Oral Oral Transmucosal Delivery of Nicotine: Smoking Cessation Therapy
  • Oral Transmucosal Delivery of Melatonin: Normalization of Circadian Rhythm
  • Drug Delivery Systems for Treatment of Periodontal and Dental Diseases
  • Tetracycline Micorparticulate Periodontal Delivery System: Formulation Development and Preclinical Assessment
  • Local Anesthetic Oral Transmucosal Systems: Dental and Oral Surgical Premeditation
  • Regulatory Considerations for Approval of Oral Mucosal Delivery Systems


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