Cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic Crops (Revised Edition) by A A Farooqi, B S Sreeramu

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Cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic Crops (Revised Edition)  
A A Farooqi, B S Sreeramu
Pages : 647
Binding : Paperback
Book Size : 160 x 240 mm

About the Book

In recent years, there has been a tremendous growth of interest in plant-based drugs, pharmaceuticals, perfumery products, cosmetics and aromatic compounds used in food flavours, fragrances, and natural colours. An attempt has been made in this book to provide all possible pooled information including the research findings that have been generated by the Division of Horticultural Sciences, the University of Agricultural Sciences, the Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, the Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Crops, the National Botanical Research Institute, the Regional Research Laboratories, ICAR, and others.


History, importance, present status and future prospects of medicinal crops.

I. Medicinal crops:

1. Aloe.

2. Amla

3. Ashwagandha.

4. Babchi.

5. Belladonna.


6. Bhuamalaki

7. Brahmi


9. Cinchona.

10. . Coleus.

11. Costus.

12. Cowhedge.

11. Datura.

12. Digitalis.

13. Dioscorea.

14. Duboisia.

15. Glory Lily.

16. Guggal.

17. Henbane.

18. Holy thistle.

19. Honey plant.

20. Ipecac.

21. Isabgol.

22. Kalmegh.



25. Long pepper.



28. Mandukaparni

29. Neem.

30. Opium poppy.

31. Periwinkle.

32. Podophyllum.

33. Primrose.

34. Rauvolfia.
35. Roselle.

36. Rutin-bearing eucalyptus.

37.Safed Musli

38. Satavri

39. Senna.

40. Steroid-bearing solanum.

41. Sweet flag.

42. Sweet worm wood.


44. Tylophora

45. Valerian

46. Wild Indigo



History, importance, present status and future prospects of aromatic crops.

Extraction or production methods for essential oil.

II. Aromatic crops:

1. Ambrette.

2. Anise

3. Bursera.

4. Celery.

5. Chamomile.

6. Citronella.

7. Clocimum.

8. Davana.

9. Dill.

10. Fennel.

11. French basil.

12. Geranium.

13. Jasmine.

14. Kewda.

15. Khus.

16. Lavender.

17. Lemon grass

18. Lemon scented gum.

19. Mint.

20. Palmarosa.

21. Patchouli.

22. Rose.

23. Rosemary.

24. Sacred Basil.



27. Sweet Marjoram.

28. Thyme.

29. Tuberose

30. Vanilla

31.Wild Marigold


III. Other crops:

1. Annatto.

2. Camphor basil.

3. Henna.

4. Jatropha

5. Pyrethrum

6. Saffron

7. Stevia



"Medicinal and aromatic crops are newly-domesticated crops, and the information available about their cultivation aspects is very scarce. This book provides comprehensive information on the origin, distribution, description of the plant, species and varieties, soil, climate, propagation, planting, nutrition, water and weed management, plant protection, harvesting and yield and analytical procedures for the active ingredients (wherever available) for 84 commercially important medicinal and aromatic crops."

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