Common Fragrance and Flavor Materials: Preparation, Properties and Uses, 6th Edition By Horst Surburg, Johannes Panten

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Common Fragrance and Flavor Materials: Preparation, Properties and Uses, 6th Edition

By Horst Surburg, Johannes Panten
392 Pages
January 2016



This 6th edition is thoroughly revised and updated, and now additionally includes all commercially important flavor and fragrance materials that entered the market over the past 10 years.

In one handy and up-to-date source, this classic reference surveys those natural and synthetic materials that are commercially available, produced, and used on a relatively large scale, covering their properties, manufacturing methods employed, and areas of application.

For this new edition the chapter on essential oils has been completely revised with regard to production volumes, availability, and new product specifications, while new legal issues, such as REACH regulation aspects, are now included. Finally, the CAS registry numbers and physicochemical data of over 350 single substances and 100 essential oils have been updated and revised.

Table of Contents

Physiological Importance
Natural, Nature-Identical, and Artificial Products
Odor and Structure
Odor Threshold Concentration
Odor Description
Aliphatic Compounds
Acyclic Terpenes
Cyclic Terpenes
Other Cycloaliphatic Compounds
Aromatic Compounds
Phenol and Phenol Derivatives
O- and O-,S-Heterocycles
Isolation of Natural Fragrance and Flavor Concentrates
Survey of Natural Raw Materials
Flavoring Substances
Fragrance Compounds

Author Information

Dr. Surburg was senior vice president global innovations of the Scent & Care department at Symrise AG and retired recently. He studied chemistry at Kiel University and joined Haarmann & Reimer (now Symrise) in Holzminden, Germany, in 1980. Horst Surburg originally researched natural chemical materials, before specializing in the synthesis of aromatic and cosmetic substances as well as developing methods for their production. He has been a co-author of Common Fragrance and Flavor Materials since 1990.

Dr. Panten has been head of the New Molecules Fragrances department at Symrise since 2002. He studied chemistry at Kiel University, before joining the R&D department at DRAGOCO (now Symrise) in Holzminden, Germany, in 1991. His main research areas are the synthesis of aromatic substances as well as developing methods for their manufacture.


"...The excellent and concise introduction to this unique industry is followed by extensive information on nearly 500 of the most used fragrance and flavor compounds. Names, molecular formula, physical data, odor and flavor descriptions, uses, and a number of processes for the larger volume chemicals are all included. Successive chapters deal with essential oils, animal secretions, quality control, toxicology and literature. The formula, name and CAS registry number index are invaluable and timely additions." - Perfumer and Flavorist

"...Data that would normally have to be selected from many different books are available in one source with this book...with over 800 citations throughout the text, this is a nearly inexhaustible source of information." - Euromaterials

"In the meanwhile this book is a classical wide-spread and well-known publication for everybody involved or interested in flavor and fragrance and for individuals active in perfume and flavor applications, for example food technologists, chemists and even laymen." - Advances in Food Sciences

"...This book provides a lot of useful information in one place, and it is an especially good resource for somebody just entering the flavor and fragrance industry." - Journal of Medical Chemistry

"You´ll find much information in this book not found in other works." - Foster´s Herb Business Bulletin

"Particular useful for natural product chemists, those in the product development and the curios." - Herbalgram

"...In conclusion, this work is highly recommended to all readers as a source of valuable information."
Organic Process Research & Development Journal, 09/2007



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