Colloids in Drug Delivery By Monzer Fanun

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Colloids in Drug Delivery




      • Brings together of the work of leading colloid scientists from around the world
      • Summarizes recent research in the field of colloidal drug delivery, eliminating the need to search through stacks of material
      • Covers recent advances in the formulation and characterization of the properties of colloidal drug delivery systems, including those for targeting tumors
      • Details a variety of approaches to drug release including the use of nanoparticles, multiple emulsions, nanoemulsions, niosomes, cubosomes, hexosomes, dendrimers, and more
      • Provides an overview of self assembling systems, their resultant structures, and their use in therapeutic delivery






      Colloidal drug delivery systems present a range of therapeutic benefits in the treatment of a number of challenging conditions, allowing researchers to cross barriers that have previously prevented efficient treatment while offering improved and more targeted absorption. Summarizing recent research in the field, Colloids in Drug Deliveryassembles the work of 65 of the world’s leading colloid scientists who examine the full spectrum of this rapidly emerging science, from pure to applied, most of it drawn from their own experience and research.


      The book begins by examining the basics of surfactant and polymer surface activity and self-assembly, the various types of structures formed by such compounds, and their use in drug delivery and biotechnology. It examines the development of controlled and targeted delivery systems by utilizing the various properties of colloids before moving on to discuss various applications and fields of research.

      Topics discussed include:



        • The use of hard, soft, and macromolecular colloidal drug delivery systems formed by surfactants, polymers, proteins, and lipids
        • Recent advances in procolloidal systems, self-emulsifying drug delivery systems, and aerosol applications to pharmaceutical drug delivery
        • Colloidal nanocarriers for imaging applications and the treatment of dental and periodontal diseases
        • Classification and application of colloidal drug delivery systems in tumor targeting
        • The use of colloids for improved nasal, ocular, vaginal, oral, buccal, gastrointestinal, and colon drug delivery



      Examining topics necessary to the critical evaluation of a drug candidate’s potential for delivery, the book also describes the preparation, classification, interfacial activity, surface modifications and influence on particle characteristics, drug delivery, and drug targeting. Each chapter in this expansive volume explains why a particular system is used for the intended application, how it is made, and how it behaves.


      All those concerned with the research, development, and manufacture of drugs will find this a valuable reference, offering a wealth of research upon which they can build.




      Surfactants and Block Copolymers in Drug Delivery; A. Misra, K. Florence, M. Lalan, and T. Shah


      Application of Colloidal Properties in Drug Delivery; S. Saraf


      Polymeric Nanocapsules for Drug Delivery: An Overview; S. S. Guterres, F. S. Poletto, L. M. Colomé, R. P. Raffin, and A. R. Pohlmann


      Poly(Alkyl Cyanoacrylate) Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery and Vaccine Development; A. Graf, K. Krauel-Göllner, and T. Rades


      Stimuli-Sensitive Polymer Gels for Dermal and Transdermal Drug Delivery and Their Application in the Development of Smart Textile Materials; W. Musial and V. Kokol


      Micelles: The Multifunctional Nanocarrier for Colloidal Drug Delivery; C. Mohanty, S. Acharya, and S. K. Sahoo


      Multiple Emulsions: An Overview and Pharmaceutical Applications; J. Khurana, S. Singh, and A. K. Dash


      Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological Applications of Multiple Emulsions; R. Cortesi and E. Esposito


      Nanoemulsions as Drug Delivery Systems; F. Tirnaksiz, S. Akkus, and N. Celebi


      Microemulsion Systems: Application in Delivery of Poorly Soluble Drugs; L. Djekic and M. Primorac


      Diclofenac Solubilization in Mixed Nonionic Surfactants Microemulsions; M. Fanun


      Self-Emulsifying Drug Delivery Systems; D. P. Maurya, Y. Sultana, and M. Abul Kalam


      Liquid Crystals and Their Application in the Field of Drug Delivery; R. Patel and T. N. Patel


      Liquid Crystalline Nanoparticles as Drug Nanocarriers; A. Yaghmur and M. Rappolt


      Niosomal Delivery System for Macromolecular Drugs; Y. Huang, F. Yu, and W. Liang


      A New Class of Mesoscopic Aggregates as a Novel Drug Delivery System; F. Bordi, C. Cametti, and S. Sennato


      Liposomes and Biomacromolecules: Effects of Preparation Protocol on In Vitro Activity; P. Luciani, D. Berti, and P. Baglioni


      Colloidal Nanocarrier Systems as a Tool for Improving Antimycobacterial and Antitumor Activities and Reducing the Toxicity of Usnic Acid; N. S. Santos-Magalhães, N. P. S. Santos, M. C. B. Lira, M. S. Ferraz, E. C. Pereira and N. H. Silva


      Dendrimers in Drug Delivery; H. Yang


      Microsphere: A Novel Drug Delivery System; A. Samad, M. Tariq, M. I. Alam, and M. S. Akhter


      Colloids in Aerosol Drug Delivery Systems; N. Islam


      Respiratory Aerosol Dynamics with Applications to Pharmaceutical Drug Delivery; J. Xi, P. Worth Longest, and P. J. Anderson


      Colloidal Carriers for Drug Delivery in Dental Tissue Engineering; N. Kalaji, N. Sheibat-Othman, and H. Fessi


      Classification and Application of Colloidal Drug Delivery Systems: Passive or Active Tumor Targeting; H. Yesim Karasulu, B. Karaca, and E. Karasulu


      Nanocarriers for Imaging Applications; V. Patravale and M. Joshi



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