Chemical Composition of Essential Oils of Global Importance By K K Agarwal

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By K.K. Agarwal ( Ex- Scientist , CIMAP, Lucknow):

Appx 275 Pages 


About the Book : The Main Aim of writing this Book by the Author on "Chemical Composition of Essential Oils of Global Importance " is to provide the broad based information available from various research articles published in National and INternational Journals. The Book Covers mainly 42 Essential Oils of Commercial Value in World market for their Major and Minor constituents present from a particular location / different countries of World. The Data Bank Available from different sources will help and guide in selection of High Quality planting Materials , specific cultivars based on chemotype, quality evaluation of raw oils and finished products for their major and minor compounds for better and competitive quality control to meet any challenges at par with any international standard. The Book will be of immense use by the industrial Houses engaged in the production of essential oils , extraction of absolute, traders, exporters / importers , quality control & Testing Labs , Blenders , Creators of New Perfumes, Flavours & Fragrances , Cosmetics , Health Care Products and others.

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