Capsicum: The Genus Capsicum by Amit Krishna De

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Special Indian Reprint !


The Genus Capsicum

by Amit Krishna De


In Capsicum: The Genus Capsicum, experts provide information on all aspects of this plant, including:

  • Ethnobotany
  • Chemistry
  • Pharmacology
  • Toxicology
  • Cultivation
  • Tissue culture
  • Commercial uses

Capsaicin, the pungent, principle component of capsicum, was used in the recent discovery of a "hot receptor," or pain sensor, in the human heart. The book covers how this and a variety of other therapeutic properties have earned capsicum its industrial importance. This volume also details the therapeutic applications of capsaicin together with its action on different biological systems.



  1. Capsicum: Historical & Botanical Perspectives
  2. A Glimpse of the World Trade in Capsicum
  3. Chemistry and Quality Standardization of Capsicum and Capsicum Products
  4. Hotness and Pungent Principles in Capsicum: Analytical Determinations and Toxicity
  5. Current Requirements on Paprika Powder for the Food Industry. Contaminants, Pollutants and Adulteration in Capsicum Species
  6. Irrigational Aspects of Capsicum Species
  7. Irrigational Aspects of Capsicum Species
  8. Cultivation and Processing of Capsicum
  9. Growing Technologies and Processing of Capsicum/Paprika in Hungary
  10. Post-Harvest Handling and Processing of Capsicums
  11. Post-Harvest Technology of Capsicum
  12. Storage of Capsicum
  13. Biosynthesis of Capsaicinoids in Capsicum
  14. Biotechnological Studies on Capsicum for Plant Improvement and Metabolite Production
  15. Color Differences in Pepper and Paprika
  16. Future Prospects in Capsaican Research


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