Cannabis: The Genus Cannabis edited by David T. Brown

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The Genus Cannabis

edited by David T. Brown



Cannabis: The Genus Cannabis collects together all of the existing information in connection with the biology, chemistry, technology and utilization of the plant genus Cannabis.

This volume is a major reference source for all concerned with medicinal and aromatic plants.



  1. Cannabis Use and Abuse by Man: An Historical Perspective
  2. The Cannabis Plant: Botany, Cultivation and Processing for Use
  3. The Chemistry of Cannabis
  4. Analytical and Legislative Aspects of Cannabis
  5. Non-Medicinal Uses of Cannabis sativa
  6. Advances in Cannabinoid Receptor Pharmacology
  7. The Therapeutic Potential for Cannabis and its Derivatives
  8. Cannabis and Cannabinoids in Pain Relief
  9. Cannabis Addiction and Withdrawal: Attitudes and Implications
  10. Side Effects of Cannabis Use and Abuse


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