Building Services and Equipment Volume 3, 3rd Edition

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By F. Hall


152 pages



A widely acclaimed trilogy that has become established as the leading work in this field. As well as taking account of current Building Regulations, Codes of Practice and recent technological advances. Special attention has been paid to the reduction of fuel costs and environmental factors.

This volume covers the essential design calculations for pipe-sizing, drainage, electrical installations, thermal problems, ventillation and air conditioning, gas installations, lighting and solar heating.


Table of Contents

1. Speed, velocity and acceleration

2. Force and pressure

3. Hydraulics

4. Flow in drains and open channels, sewage disposal

5. Rainwater pipes and gutters, flow over weirs

6. Electrical and gas installations

7. Heating

8. Temperature drop through structures, condensation

9. Pipe sizing for heating, pump duty

10. Ventilating ducts and fans

11. Heat gains, solar heating

12. The heat pump, degree days

13. Cold- and hot-water storage, expansion of materials, Boyle's and Charles' laws

14. Passenger lifts, electric lighting




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