Building Services and Equipment Volume 1, 3rd Edition

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By F. Hall


168 pages



Services and equipment in complex modern buildings account for over one-third of the total cost. Therefore study of services and equipment is essential for technicians in construction, surveying and architecture.

Building Services and Equipment Volume 1 is the first book in a widely acclaimed trilogy that has become established as the leading work in this field. This volume deals with the topics of fuel conservation and thermal comfort by use of integrated heating, ventilating, air conditioning and lighting systems, district heating, thermal insulation, heat pumps and thermostatic controls.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Cold-water supply
Chapter 2: Hold-water supply
Chapter 3: Low-pressure hot-water heating
Chapter 4: Heat losses
Chapter 5: Ventilation
Chapter 6: Air conditioning
Chapter 7: Heating
Chapter 8: Drainage below ground
Chapter 9: Soil and waste systems
Chapter 10: Sanitary appliances
Chapter 11: Refuse disposal
Chapter 12: Sewage disposal
Appendix A: Unvented hot water storage systems
Appendix B: Water Bylaws - prevention of contamination.

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