Bakery Products Science and Technology, 2nd Edition By Weibiao Zhou (Editor), Y. H. Hui (Co-Editor)

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Bakery Products Science and Technology, 2nd Edition

Weibiao Zhou (Editor), Y. H. Hui (Co-Editor)
776 pages
June 2014,

Baking is a process that has been practiced for centuries, and bakery products range in complexity from the simple ingredients of a plain pastry to the numerous components of a cake. While currently there are many books available aimed at food service operators, culinary art instruction and consumers, relatively few professional publications exist that cover the science and technology of baking. In this book, professionals from industry, government and academia contribute their perspectives on the state of industrial baking today.

The second edition of this successful and comprehensive overview of bakery science is revised and expanded, featuring chapters on various bread and non-bread products from around the world, as well as nutrition and packaging, processing, quality control, global bread varieties and other popular bakery products. The book is structured to follow the baking process, from the basics, flour and other ingredients, to mixing, proofing and baking.

Blending the technical aspects of baking with the latest scientific research, Bakery Products Science and Technology, Second Edition has all the finest ingredients to serve the most demanding appetites of food science professionals, researchers, and students.



Table of Contents
Preface to the Second Edition vii

Contributors ix

Part 1: Introduction 1

1. Introduction to Baking and Bakery Products 3
Weibiao Zhou, N. Therdthai, and Y. H. Hui

Part 2: Flours 17

2. Wheat Milling and Flour Quality Evaluation 19
M. A. Pagani, Alessandra Marti, and Gabriella Bottega

3. Wheat Flour: Chemistry and Biochemistry 55
Francesco Bonomi, Pasquale Ferranti, and Gianfranco Mamone

4. Rye 75
Kaisa Poutanen, Kati Katina, and Raija-Liisa Heiniö

5. Rice 89
C. M. Rosell and Manuel Gómez

6. Barley, Maize, Sorghum, Millet, and Other Cereal Grains 107
Concha Collar

Part 3: Baking Ingredients 127

7. Water 129
Peter Chung Chieh

8. Yeast 153
Francisca Rández-Gil, Lidia Ballester-Tomás, and José Antonio Prieto

9. Other Leavening Agents 175
I. De Leyn

10. Ascorbic Acid and Redox Agents in Bakery Systems 183
Sarabjit S. Sahi

11. Sugar and Sweeteners 199
Manuela Mariotti and Mara Lucisano

12. Lipids: Properties and Functionality 223
Alejandro Marangoni, Avi Goldstein, and Koushik Seetharaman

13. Eggs 243
Vassilios Kiosseoglou and Adamantini Paraskevopoulou

14. Dairy Ingredients 259
Bonastre Oliete Mayorga and Manuel Gómez

15. Enzymes 275
U. J. S. Prasada Rao and M. S. Hemalatha

16. Other Functional Additives 295
I. De Leyn

Part 4: Baking Science and Technology 307

17. Mixing, Dough Making, and Dough Make-up 309
Noël Haegens

18. Fermentation 325
N. Therdthai

19. Baking 335
Tiphaine Lucas

20. Packaging and Shelf-life Prediction of Bakery Products 355
Virginia Giannou, Dimitra Lebesi, and Constantina Tzia

21. Process Optimization and Control 373
Gary Tucker

22. Sensory Attributes of Bakery Products 391
Raija-Liisa Heiniö

23. Nutritional Attributes of Bakery Products 409
Hyunsook Kim and Wallace H. Yokoyama

24. Browning in Bakery Products: An Engineering Perspective 417
Emmanuel Purlis

25. Functional Bakery Products: An Overview and Future Perspectives 431
Daniel Pinto, Inês Castro, Antonio Vicente, Ana Isabel Bourbon, and Miguel Ângelo Cerqueira

26. Rheology of Bread and Other Bakery Products 453
Nyuk Ling Chin and Peter J. Martin

Part 5: Bread 473

27. Manufacture 475
N. Therdthai and Weibiao Zhou

28. Quality Control 489
Sarabjit S. Sahi, Kim Little, and Victoria Kristina Ananingsih

29. Sourdough 511
Shao Quan Liu

30. Frozen Dough and Par-baked Products 523
Stanley P. Cauvain

31. Steamed Bread 539
Sidi Huang

Part 6: other bakery Products 563

32. Cake Manufacture 565
Frank D. Conforti

33. Biscuits 585
N. N. Misra and Brijesh K. Tiwari

34. Pastries 603
Noël Haegens

35. Pretzel Production and Quality Control 611
Koushik Seetharaman

36. Bakery Products of Unconventional Flours 619
Perla Osorio-Diaz, Rubi G. Utrilla-Coello, Pamela C. Flores-Silva, and Luis A. Bello-Perez

37. Dietetic Bakery Products 639
Selena Chan

Part 7: Examples of World Bakery Products 657

38. Specialities from All Over the World 659
Noël Haegens

39. Bakery Products of China 673
Lu Zhang and Xiao Dong Chen

40. Italian Bakery Products 685
M. A. Pagani, Mara Lucisano, and Manuela Mariotti

41. Mexican Bakery Products 723
Perla Osorio-Diaz, Maria E. Sanchez-Pardo, and Luis A. Bello-Perez

42. Bakery Products of Turkey 735
Gözde Ýnan and Seyhun Yurdugül

Index 745

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