Flavor Creation Second edition by John Wright (IFF)

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Flavor Creation
Second edition
by John Wright (IFF)


A new edition with more than 100 new pages of material!

Providing valuable insights for novice and experienced flavorists, this must-have guide covers everything from the history of flavor techniques to natural raw materials and the latest in sensory science.

It discusses, in a straight-forward and accessible style, how flavorists can link raw materials to recognizable descriptors, lists major flavor types and their construction (with suggested ingredients), reviews flavor technology, focusing on improving flavor delivery on powder flavors and emulsions, and discusses and evaluates how these various aspects have and will continue to impact the art and science of flavor creation.

This volume includes:

  • Alphabetical summary of key natural raw materials, production methods, components, profiles and suggested applications
  • A focus on vanilla—curing, extraction and cultivation
  • A summary, by chemical family, of key synthetic raw materials, including their uses and profiles
  • Flavor applications: Overcoming flavor/product interactions



  1. Natural Raw Materials
  2. Synthetic Raw Materials
  3. Flavor Creation
  4. Creating Elegant Flavors
  5. Vanilla
  6. Flavor Delivery
  7. Production Friendly Flavors
  8. Flavor Matching
  9. Regional Flavor Preferences
  10. Sensory Subjects
  11. Applications
  12. Legislation
  13. Past and Future Trends
  14. Elysium



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