Biotechnology in Agriculture and Food Processing: Opportunities and Challenges by Parmjit S. Panesar, Satwinder S. Marwaha

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Biotechnology in Agriculture and Food Processing: Opportunities and Challenges





  • Provides perspective on important biotechnological issues with direct relevance to agriculture and food processing
  • Illustrates biotechnological tools for increasing agricultural productivity
  • Presents a holistic view of all the aspects about interventions of biotechnology in agriculture and food processing
  • Explores the latest research and advances in the impact of biotechnology in agriculture and food processing


An instructive and comprehensive overview of the use of biotechnology in agriculture and food production, Biotechnology in Agriculture and Food Processing: Opportunities and Challenges discusses how biotechnology can improve the quality and productivity of agriculture and food products. It includes current topics such as GM foods, enzymes, and production of various types of food ingredients as well as basic ones such as the concept of biotechnology, plant cell, and tissue culture. Combining coverage of agriculture and food processing, the book highlights the range of biotechnology applications from "farm to fork."

The book begins with the fundamental concepts of the role of biotechnology and genomics in agriculture and food processing. Building on this, it then focuses on specific applications of biotechnology in agriculture and includes chapters on plant cell and tissue culture techniques, genetic transformation in crop improvement, and the production of biofertilizers and biopesticides. The authors cover different aspects of biotechnology in food processing such as production of fermented foods, functional foods, enzymes in food processing, production of polysaccharides, production of sweeteners, biocolors and bioflavors, and genetically modified foods. They then examine the management of crop residues and by-products of agro-industries, comprising mushroom production and value addition to agro-industrial wastes and residues.

Biotechnology has been recognized as one of the key technologies for increasing economic growth. With chapters written by leading experts in this field, the book provides a better understanding of how biotechnology applications can reduce production costs, improve productivity, and enhance product quality in the agro food processing sector.


Table of Contents

Fundamental Concepts
Biotechnology and Its Role in Agriculture and Food Processing, Parmjit S. Panesar and Satwinder S. Marwaha
Genomics in Agriculture and Food Processing, Peter C. McKeown, Channa Keshavaiah, Antoine Fort, Reetu Tuteja, Manash Chatterjee, Rajeev K. Varshney, and Charles Spillane

Biotechnology in Agriculture
Plant Cell and Tissue Culture Techniques in Crop Improvement, Dinesh K. Srivastava, Geetika Gambhir, and Poornima Sharma
Genetic Transformation and Crop Improvement, Kailash C. Bansal and Dipnarayan Saha
Production of Biofertilizers, Dinesh Goyal and Santosh K. Goyal
Production of Biopesticides, Surinder Kaur, Gurpreet S. Dhillon, Satinder K. Brar, and Ramesh Chand

Biotechnology in Food Processing
Production of Fermented Foods, Sanjeev K. Soni, Raman Soni, and Chetna Janveja
Functional Foods, Kulwant S. Sandhu and Sarabjeet K. Sra
Enzymes in Food Processing, Ivana G. Sandri, Luciani T. Piemolini-Barreto, and Roselei C. Fontana
Production of Polysaccharides, Gordon A. Morris and Stephen E. Harding
Production of Sweeteners, Pedro Fernandes and Joaquim M.S. Cabral
Production of Biocolours, Nuthathai Sutthiwong, Yanis Caro, Philippe Laurent, Mireille Fouillaud, Alain Valla, and Laurent Dufossé
Production of Bioflavors, Jyothi Ramamohan, Harish K. Chopra, and Shubhneet Kaur
Genetically Modified Foods, Konstantin Skryabin and Victor Tutelyan

Biotechnological Management of Crop Residues & By-Products of Agro-Industries
Production of Mushrooms, Pardeep K. Khanna and Shivani Sharma
Value Addition of Agro-industrial Wastes and Residues, Parmjit S. Panesar, Satwinder S. Marwaha, and Reeba Panesar



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