Asian Botanicals By Evelyn G. Su, PhD

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By Evelyn G. Su, PhD

277 Pages, Hardcover,

Allured Pub Corp.


During the last 2000 years, Traditional Chinese Method (TCM) has become an important part of world medicine. With the rising popularity and the rediscovery of TCM in the western world , the impact of this holistic approach is far reaching.


Today Chinese healing methods are in the foreground of both the medical and personal care industries. Consumers want treatment and protection from their products, not just simple cosmetics. Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM, a system of herbal medicine that has continually stood the test of time, is a great treasure house offering medicinal plants that can provide not only health benefits, but also meet consumers demands for natural products that employ a protective, strengthening and holistic approach to personal care.


With thousands of years of proven use, Chinese medicinal plants have demonstrated their efficacy and safety and will continueto make new contributions to the cosmetic and personal care industry.

Asian Botanicals describes 70 Chinese herbal plants that are commonly used in TCM and are considered to be of cosmetic importance. For each medicinal plant, its English name, Chinese name, Latin name, family, parts used, collection, botanical description, habitat, TCM indications, TCM functions, source of earliest record, chemical constituents, pharmacology and cosmetic evaluation are presented.

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