Antioxidants and the Skin By Roger L. McMullen

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Antioxidants and the Skin

Author: Roger L. McMullen


An essential, all-encompassing reference to antioxidants in personal care.

Format Details

  • Hardcover
  • 550 Pages
  • Published 2013


Overwhelmed by all the disconnected literature on antioxidant technology and methodology? One book, one resource to fulfill your antioxidant needs.

  • A complete description (including figures) of the skin's endogenous (innate) antioxidant system
  • A chapter on the production of free radicals in skin due to UV irradiation
  • A comprehensive description of testing methodologies for lipid peroxidation and free radical scavenging capacity (antioxidant assays)
  • A comprehensive examination of the use of antioxidants in skin care products
  • Timely and pertinent reference information, structures, and physical/chemical properties of antioxidants used to treat the skin
  • A survey of antioxidant products in skin care formulas covering various product categories

    For researchers in the field of personal care, information on formulating for antioxidant claims is both overwhelming and so widespread as to seem incomplete. While much of the literature out there addresses free radical damages, little goes further to address the cellular level of human skin. Antioxidants and the Skin is the first text to offer a comprehensive account of antioxidants in personal care. Never before has this vast field been drawn together in a single text. You benefit from Roger L. McMullen’s years of experience and research on topics ranging from the fundamental aspects of skin biochemistry and how free radical species damage biological systems, to concepts of lipid peroxidation and the effects on skin, to antioxidant treatment efficacy and detailed outlines of the physicochemical properties of key antioxidants.

    This book is an essential reference text and an up-to-date treatise on the crucial fields of dermatology and cosmetic skin science. Whether you are beginning a journey in the realm of antioxidants, or are a seasoned antioxidant veteran in need of a valuable resource tool, you need look no further!


Table of Contents

    • Chapter I: Structure and Function of Skin
    • Chapter II: Free Radicals in Biology
    • Chapter III: Skin's Endogenous Antioxidant Network
    • Chapter IV: Effects of Solar Radiation on the Skin
    • Chapter V: Lipid Peroxidation and its Measurement
    • Chapter VI: Antioxidant Assays
    • Chapter VII: Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) of Skin
    • Chapter VIII: Treatment of Skin with Antioxidants
    • Chapter IX: Antioxidant Properties and Application Information
    • Appendix I: Glossary of Terms
    • Appendix II: Biologically Important Molecules in Skin
    • Appendix III: Cell Signaling in Skin
    • Appendix IV: Thermodynamic and Kinetic Factors that Contribute to Antioxidant Behavior
    • Appendix V: Antioxidants in Personal Care Formulations
    • Acknowledgments
    • Index
    • Credits
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